Outside of his legal practice, associate Lowry Yankwich is a podcast producer who has created award-winning podcasts on classical music. This January, Yankwich fused his interests in law and podcasting by teaching to Temple Law students about how to make a podcast, and legal aspects that arise when podcasting—from the law of defamation to intellectual property concerns.

The course ran over two weeks in January and featured notable guest speakers from the fields of journalism and law, from Julia Longoria, producer and host of WNYC’s podcast about the Supreme Court, “More Perfect,” to LSSC’s own, Eli Segal, who discussed First Amendment issues. During the class, students learned the basics of podcasting craft—conducting an interview, writing for the ear, and recording and editing audio. For their final projects, students will create a 10-minute narrative podcast episode featuring original interviews on diverse topics that include immigration law, LGBTQ+ rights, and election law.

On February 12, Yankwich had another opportunity to combine his artistic and legal interests as an invited speaker for a panel at Harvard Law School on pursuing creative work as a lawyer.




Harvard Law School Professors and Alumni gather for a library event to discuss lawyers in creative industries on February 12, 2024.